Feature Story: Tech Company on Leading Edge in Empowering Haredi Women to Excel in Workplace

ELAD, ISRAEL, March 31, 2011, 10:30 a.m. – Employing 80 ultra-orthodox women at one of the world’s fastest growing developers of advanced web technologies has its challenges.

“There is a lot of maternity leave,” said Pini Mandel, CEO of Elad, Israel-based 3Base, the only company in the country that empowers ultra-orthodox women to this level.  “We have two kitchens.  And there are the meeting rooms (with seating arrangements), of course.”

The upside far outweighs the challenges.

“They are great programmers, extremely dedicated and intelligent,” said Pini.   Added partner Nadav Mansdorf.  “They don’t waste time.  No Facebook or social networking!”

No client has left 3Base since the program was established four years ago. And no developer has left during that period as well.  The program has been so successful that the Israel Ministry of Finance wants to use it as a model.  Moreover, the company pays 15 to 20 percent more in salary compared to market numbers to keep them.

In addition to learning the technical and analytical skills required for their jobs, the women acquire the “soft skills” like communicating with customers by phone and email.

The workers feel the upside on many levels as well: “They earn a salary and get good treatment, but it’s the intellectual challenge that is most important,” said Pini.  “We’re not just giving them a chance to earn money; they’re really focusing on their future.” 

The company is so proud of its accomplishment, the first paragraph in the “3Base Story” on their web site reads:  3Base is a technological boutique company specializing in the development of advanced web technologies. The company employs brilliant female ultra-Orthodox developers who have been selected through a unique recruitment process. 

No challenges here.


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