Journal Entry: Police Van Donated By Federation during Second Lebanon War Still Going Strong

KIRYAT BIALIK, ISRAEL, March 27, 2011, 11:30 a.m. – Our first stop in Kiryat Bialik was the police station, where several officers and volunteers proudly displayed the commercial van that our Federation purchased for their community during the Second Lebanon War five years ago.  

The van helped transport supplies to the bomb shelters during those harrowing days, when our sister city was bombed more than 15 times. Numerous people were injured and houses were destroyed as a result of the bombings. Countless suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome following the attacks. 

“It was like an earthquake,” said Eshel Fram, who heads our partnership for Kiryat Bialik.  “But there were a few miracles. One building collapsed, except for one room, where a mother and daughter huddled together.  They safely escaped through one of the windows.”

 Meanwhile, the donated police van has since logged nearly 100,000 miles, patrolling the community and providing assistance to motorists. “It still has a lot of life left,” said Zedek Cohen, chief of police.


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